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Chromebooks-to-assist-an-Inclusive-ClassroomI was just recently working on an action plan for implementing chromebooks into a classroom and I wanted to examine the effectiveness that they would have for inclusive education.  I came up with the beginnings of a logo and shared it to my google+.  I got quite a few responses and made some changes.  I even had Christian Ahlin remix it to something that is quite good for an introduction to what I want to do.

Thanks for the assistance!  Ask not what you cn do for your PLN, ask what your PLN can do for you.  (Greedy but very true) Will be on the lookout to assist someone else now.  Pay it forward!


We all have moments in our lives where we wished that we could have more time. ¬†Tonight is one of them. ¬†I had a terrific day today, had a great day at school with the students, made some great strides on a project that I am currently working on and had 2 great webinars. ¬†Where the wish for the “Flying DeLorean” comes in is the webinar. ¬†George Couros sent me a message inviting me to Leadership 2.0 – A Collaborative Learning Opportunity. ¬†I attended and it was a very worthwhile hour. ¬†George talked about setting up a blog, and that is where the DeLorean comes in. . .

I have had a blog, or an instance of one for about 5 years now.  I tend to use it for a time and then it goes on a hiatus for far too long, I then reset it and start all over again.  I keep saying that life gets in the way, that I am too busy, that I have nothing to say.  Unfortunately for me (and my free time) tonight George and others shot down my excuses one by one, because that is all they really are excuses.  The one that really stuck with me is that if I am a teacher leader and I have nothing worth saying then that is really scary, I will go even further and say that if that is the case then I am not really a leader at all.

I am very excited that this learning opportunity is in our backyard of Alberta and is tied to the the Principal Quality Practice Guideline.  For Alberta administrators this is a great opportunity to not only move forward as a professional but to connect with other educators who we can work with as we navigate this uncertain educational future.

I am looking forward to Learning 2.0 and the potential that it has, my concern is where to find the time. . . Now off to Ebay to make a bid, maybe it comes as a kit. . .

DeLorean Boat at McCovey Cove / AT&T Park. 8/10/12